Mental Health Resilience Foundation

"Mental Health Resilience foundation is breaking through pop culture changes, to provide you with world class masterminds available in supporting your brain, your body and your wellbeing."

- Dr. Frank Lawlis


  • Dr. Frank LawlisDr. Frank LawlisCEO
  • Christina FultonChristina FultonFitness and Wellness Expert
  • Dr. Barbara DosseyDr. Barbara Dossey 
  • Dr. Larry DosseyDr. Larry Dossey 
  • David Erwin RitterDavid Erwin Ritter 
  • Dr. John T. ChirbanDr. John T. Chirban 

Our Mission

World-renown psychologist, Dr. Frank Lawis, co-founder of the Lawlis-Peavey Psycho-Neuro-Plasticity Center, in Texas, author of many books on mental health, and mentor of the “King of Daytime TV”, Dr. Phil show, announces his, “Mission of Hope and Choice”. As the CEO of the Mental Health Resiliency foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, which is dedicated to mental illness and neuroplasticity issues surrounding the brain, Dr. Lawlis proudly teams with mental health giants, such as Dr. Sophy, Dr. Chirban, and Dr. Larry Dossey to name a few.

Dr. Lawlis also announces his partnership with entrepreneur, philanthropist Actress and CEO, Christina Fulton, of Immortal Beauty Inc. Fulton has over 25 years of knowledge and expertise in fitness, health and wellness. Dr. Lawlis and Fulton’s foundation has gained the support of the University of North Texas, together they will bring the awareness, soultions and treatment for so many that suffer in silence.

Dr. Lawlis said, “Our goal is to give you quick and educational content, affordable and accessible, assisting you with resources for you and your family.”

Mental health and wellness have been on the rise globally. The Covid-19 pandemic brought to light the climbing epidemic we’ve seen for decades. After years of experienced based in science, technology, and research in the mental health and wellness realm, Dr. Frank Lawlis said, “we are looking for heroes”. Together with his expert team they will fill the void the mental health industry has left open. The Mental Health Resilience Foundation is breaking through the pop culture changes to provide you with world class masterminds available in supporting your brain, your body, and your well-being.


Coming This Summer

MHR will launch its exclusive original content platform for mental health and wellness. This includes epic, raw, and inspiring documentaries of real life stories of trials and tribulations; in addition to self-help and self-care tutorials aimed at educating and answering all your mental health and wellness questions.